Our Story

Vintage Woods, Inc., located in Gypsum, Colorado, manufactures custom finished wood, metal and timber building products for homes and businesses. Our clients are architects, builders, designers and homeowners. Our products are beautiful, versatile and durable, perfect for both interior and exterior applications. Our approach, as defined by our founder, Nick Swanepoel, is to create products that amaze clients and simplify the processes of making concepts become reality.

Nick Swanepoel has two decades of proven success, painting and hand plastering the finest of custom homes and commercial projects. This success comes in part from four generations of traditional Dutch techniques coupled with a curiosity and desire to refine these processes to take advantage of modern technology. Vintage Woods was the logical extension of applications of these different techniques and procedures.

Historically, wood has been incorporated into building for its versatility, durability and natural beauty, with colors available for stain being very limited. In today's world, Nick believes that wood seems to be manipulated in so many ways that it loses its natural characteristics.

"My idea for Vintage Woods came from enhancing the natural characteristics of wood to give it a sense of history. The beauty of wood is lost but with our techniques, we have put the beauty back into the wood to make it look like it is supposed to - natural. Clients want the aged look, and that's a patina you just can't get with stains because they don't penetrate deeply into the wood."                                                                    Founder, Nick Swanepoel

After analyzing and fine tuning, Nick has successfully combined "old-world" beauty and modern techniques, resulting in woods and building products that are both consistently beautiful, durable and really unlike any other product out there. 

We produce Vintage Woods on the following wood types: spruce, vertical-grain hemlock, cedar & Douglas fir.