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Vintage Woods


Vintage Woods

Our Woods

Vintage Woods is the culmination of years of traditional finishing processes intended to work with the existing colors, tannins and textures of wood. It is a partnership with the nature of each piece that comes together to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Please contact us for a consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist in the process of choosing the perfect species, color and texture for your project.


We have three standard species that each create different looks. 

Click here to learn more regarding the characteristics of each species.


Vintage Woods is available in the following standard colors and shades:

We also offer the following specialized colors on all wood species:

Surface Texture

We offer the following surface textures:

Please note that due to different wood species and batches of wood, the rough texture can change. For example, some rough textures are circle sawn, some are resawn, and some are just rough sawn. This is something you can discuss with your sales rep and we will happily make you a sample on our current wood before beginning your order. 

milling profiles

We offer the following milling profiles as well as square edge material:

Maintaining Your Investment

Like any good investment, proper maintenance is key. Having your product maintained by us is the best way to elongate the life of your product. We have proven techniques and products that help maintain the integrity and look of your new custom wood. When you are ready to have your wood touched up, please call Ryan at 970-390-9290 or Zion at 970-524-4041 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.



Thin Wood

Thin Wood

Interior Thin wood

Our Thin Wood comes in easy to handle 4' long pieces. Each piece is 3/8" thick and has a face width of 3", 5", or 7". This product is pre-finished and ready to be purchased today! This wonderful product is sold by the box and each box has one face width and contains enough wood to cover 25 square feet. It comes in our medium to dark Vintage gray color and you will get a beautiful mix of shades in each box. Each box costs $225 + tax and that includes shipping to the 48 contiguous United States! Other destinations can be quoted for shipping upon request. This product is excellent for both residential and commercial projects, in fact, it's already been installed in Moe's BBQ in Eagle and Whole Foods of Vail. Our square foot cost is $9, and with our competitors coming in at $12 per sf not including shipping, what's not to love about our Thin Wood? 


Although we do not offer installation on our products, we want you to be successful when you purchase our wood. So here are some helpful tips to make you feel like a pro when you install the beautiful thin wood you just purchased.

  • Gather all necessary tools

                 - Heavy duty construction adhesive (Ex: Liquid Nails)

                 - Caulk Gun for the adhesive

                 - Hammer, nail gun, or brad nailer

                 - 2" finish nails or brad nails

                 - Saw

                 - Pencil

                 - Level

  • Installation Steps

                 - Acclimate wood for 3-5 days while strapped together in the room where you are                                installing

                 - Clean surface where the wood will be installed

                 - Use your level and pencil to make a horizontal reference line in the center of the wall                        where the first board will be placed

                 - Apply adhesive to the back of the board and place the board along the reference line

                 - Nail all 4 corners of the board and repeat for all pieces

                 - Stagger your joints for a beautiful and professional look

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.


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Vintage Metals

Vintage Metals

Our Metals

Vintage Woods, Inc, is pleased to offer sheet steel in a variety of beautiful patinas to compliment your projects. Steel panels add a design dimension that is hard to beat.  Vintage Woods steel is custom finished and then coated with a UV protectant that is both low VOC and durable. As with our custom finished woods, the steel products may be treated with our maintenance coating to retain their original beauty or be left to weather naturally. In combination with additional design elements Vintage Woods steel offers wonderful options.

Steel Specifications

Vintage Woods Steel is available in many sizes of panels as well as custom metal orders. We offer several mounting systems and can create custom installations as needed.


Each color is finished in a satin flat low VOC UV finish. Vintage Woods uses marine coatings for all top coats. Touch-up kits will be provided for any cuts made in the field. Instructions provided as well.

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.



hm woods

hm woods

Heat Modified woods

New to Vintage Woods is our line of custom finished heat modified wood. Our heat modified wood is heated up to 400 degrees, baking the sugars out of the wood and adjusting the cell structure making it insect and rot resistant. This wood is ideal for decks, spas, pool rooms, and any application where low maintenance and durability are desired. You can use this wood for interior or exterior projects, wall cladding will be patinaed to one of our custom Vintage Woods colors and milled with any of our siding profiles (square edge, TGS (blind nail), Shiplap, or T&G). Our custom sealer is a non-toxic water-proofer, its unique formula absorbs deeply into the surface, forming a flexible polymer barrier that becomes part of the cellular structure. This enhanced cellular structure helps prevent the effects of mold and mildew, dry rot, cracking, peeling, and cupping of wood. For decking we use a UV coating that penetrates the fiber of the wood. We have poplar and pine currently available, stay tuned for updates as we get rolling with this durable and dependable all-natural product!



Our decking can be installed with invisible brackets to prevent seeing screw heads, or it can be top screwed, whatever you prefer. Penetrating UV oils are used to create beautiful colors and to seal the wood.

  • No splinters

  • Insect and rot resistant

  • Disperses heat, no hot feet

  • Low maintenance



Wall Cladding

For walls, we use Southern Yellow Pine or Poplar and we can add any of our milling profiles, (T&G, Shiplap, TGS, or Square Edge). 

  • Non-toxic

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Rot and insect resistant

  • Different textures

  • Won't warp, twist, bow, cup expand, or contract

Wall Cladding colors

Combine all these benefits with our all-natural 5-step custom process and you have a beautiful, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting product that is sure to impress. 




Our Timbers

Whether decorative or structural, interior or exterior, Vintage Woods can provide all of the timber elements for your custom projects. Our finishes look fantastic on both Doug-fir and Glulams. 

Our hand-hewn finishes are created using the tools and techniques that were employed in the past, creating authentic textures and timeless beauty.


We have recently had great success applying our custom finishing techniques on Glulam timbers. Glulam, or glued laminate timber is an engineered timber made up of many small sections of wood glued together. A glulam has strength and dimensional stability not found in a solid timber. The dimensional potential of the timbers is awesome. A recent project featured a couple 12" x 24" x 60' beams! The end results are truly amazing and open up many great and creative opportunities. 

One of the major benefits of a glulam is its superior dimensional stability. We are pleased to offer an exciting new application of glulam technology by employing it as cladding/siding. Like all of our Vintage Woods products the glulams can be finished in any of our textures and colors.

1"x10" Glulam siding in Vintage Woods Driftwood, Tobacco Brown & Vintage Gray is a fantastic option for wider applications.


Check out this video from Centre Sky Architecture of a couple of huge glulams being installed in a recent project.

Brackets, Rafter Tails & More

We can provide all of the timber elements your project calls for. 

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.