Our Woods

Vintage Woods is the culmination of years of traditional finishing processes intended to work with the existing colors, tannins and textures of wood. It is a partnership with the nature of each piece that comes together to create unique and beautiful pieces.

Please contact us for a consultation. Our staff will be happy to assist in the process of choosing the perfect species, color and texture for your project.


We have three standard species that each create different looks. 

Click here to learn more regarding the characteristics of each species.


Vintage Woods is available in the following standard colors and shades:

We also offer the following specialized colors on all wood species:

Surface Texture

We offer the following surface textures:

Please note that due to different wood species and batches of wood, the rough texture can change. For example, some rough textures are circle sawn, some are resawn, and some are just rough sawn. This is something you can discuss with your sales rep and we will happily make you a sample on our current wood before beginning your order. 

milling profiles

We offer the following milling profiles as well as square edge material:

Maintaining Your Investment

Like any good investment, proper maintenance is key. Having your product maintained by us is the best way to elongate the life of your product. We have proven techniques and products that help maintain the integrity and look of your new custom wood. When you are ready to have your wood touched up, please call Ryan at 970-390-9290 or Zion at 970-524-4041 to schedule a maintenance appointment.

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.