SPF (Spruce, Pine, fir mix)

Our SPF product is the most versatile of our species. Known for its strength and durability, SPF has long been a standard in dimensional building lumber. SPF lumber takes color well, machines nicely and often has small, dark, stable knots. 


Known for its durability, stability and rot-resistance, our cedar lumber is a fantastic option for any project. Cedar's superior dimensional stability and lack of pitch add to superior finishing and coloring. Tight, straight grain and consistent texture improve fastening. Cedar lumber is characterized by naturally lower flame spread ratings and smoke developed classifications, which make it a great option.

Clear Vertical Grain Hemlock

Distinguished by its tight straight growth rings, uniform color and lack of pitch or resin, clear vertical grain hemlock proves a wonderful option for a very clean consistent look. This lumber readily accepts color, mills well and grips nails and screws. The few knots that are present are small, dark and remain in place. With a clean and uniform look, vertical grain hemlock will compliment any architectural application.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is the standard in structural dimension lumber for both commercial and residential applications. Known for its strength, durability, dimensional stability and workability, Douglas Fir is extremely versatile. The wood accepts color, mills and holds fasteners well. A time-tested option for both structural or decorative trusses, rafters, braces and all other building elements.

Additional species and lumber grades are available. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.