Our Timbers

Whether decorative or structural, interior or exterior, Vintage Woods can provide all of the timber elements for your custom projects. Our finishes look fantastic on both Doug-fir and Glulams. 

Our hand-hewn finishes are created using the tools and techniques that were employed in the past, creating authentic textures and timeless beauty.


We have recently had great success applying our custom finishing techniques on Glulam timbers. Glulam, or glued laminate timber is an engineered timber made up of many small sections of wood glued together. A glulam has strength and dimensional stability not found in a solid timber. The dimensional potential of the timbers is awesome. A recent project featured a couple 12" x 24" x 60' beams! The end results are truly amazing and open up many great and creative opportunities. 

One of the major benefits of a glulam is its superior dimensional stability. We are pleased to offer an exciting new application of glulam technology by employing it as cladding/siding. Like all of our Vintage Woods products the glulams can be finished in any of our textures and colors.

1"x10" Glulam siding in Vintage Woods Driftwood, Tobacco Brown & Vintage Gray is a fantastic option for wider applications.


Check out this video from Centre Sky Architecture of a couple of huge glulams being installed in a recent project.

Brackets, Rafter Tails & More

We can provide all of the timber elements your project calls for. 

Please contact us with your questions or ideas.